How powerfully art can be used when it comes to the visions and missions of a company, staff development, the accumulated emotional discharge of employees, raising awareness about many issues. Creative communication with oneself and the team brings everyone forward.


After Work Discharge Recharge Shop & Constellation Work with Heidi Mara Sieber & Claudia Parvinah Berger as a team


After Work Discharge Recharge Shop with Heidi Mara Sieber

1. and 2. may address teams/groups that want to work in a future-oriented way or are already doing so - with little or no hierarchies and where the community and each individual counts

  •    Teams in companies
  •     Upline/downline in network marketing companies
  •     Teams in associations
  •     As an incentive for good clients
  •    and many more

I am looking forward to our joint projects!
Yours, Heidi Mara Sieber

Self-responsible participation:
My courses and seminars are NOT therapeutic measures, but intensive self-experiences. With your registration you declare yourself willing and able to deal with your experiences in the seminar/recording on your own responsibility. It does not replace diagnosis or treatment by a doctor or alternative practitioner or, in the case of pre-existing mental illnesses, by a psychologist. As a participant you assure that you know where you can turn to and will do so if necessary.