with Heidi Sieber

Brings a breath of fresh air and much more to the team

Emotional detox for more potential development, clarity and energy

How powerfully art can be used in the team when it comes to DISCHARGING ACCUMULATED EMOTIONS, HARMONISATION and RECHARGING with FRESH ENERGY with my simple drawing technique and development method "Neuroart meets Mission" can be experienced in the After Work Discharge Recharge Shop to bring the team to a new level. The meaning of the shop: So to speak a shop in the company where the employees walk in. Creative communication with oneself and the team moves everyone forward. It contributes to the health of the employees, identification with the company and much more.


Companies and their employees have always been close to my heart - promoting teamwork and the appreciation of the individual has always been a concern of mine. I have worked as an employee in the office in 14 companies in my life, so I also know the other side very well. Since 2001, I have implemented projects in many companies as a consciousness trainer and artist.

AFTER WORK DISCHARGE RECHARGE SHOP means to unload something (stress, frustration, lack of energy etc.) and recharge with fresh energy and clarity. The whole thing is done with felt-tip pens and coloured pencils on paper. It is the basic team event. Other methods can follow.


We shower mostly daily...... the opposite pulls at us week after week, emotions, hamster wheels and dead ends in the team pile up more and more and do not change or discharge in the wrong place....... How about harmonising negative emotions and conflicts in your company? As a manager/personnel manager, put a STOP to it......... Unload the tension in teams with felt-tip pens on paper in my After Work Discharge Recharge Shop . The accumulated energy is harmonised and the team easily realigns itself and receives important impulses, flashes of inspiration and suitable ideas while drawing.

Neurographica makes very effective and playful use of the subconscious for large parts of the drawing process and only involves the mind at the beginning and at the end. In this way, nothing is talked to pieces, but the focus is on the moment of the process. In my "NeuroArt meets Mission" - developed from Neurographica - I add my own ways as an artist and mission mentor.

The staff do NOT have to be able to DRAW for this.


Possible outcomes:
* improve communication
* Less stress - fewer illnesses
* More relaxed, calmer interaction with customers
 * harmonise differences in the team  * more harmonious teamwork
* more effective, more focus
* more satisfied employees
* Almost unsolvable tasks can be solved
* Innovative thinking can be stimulated
* Limitations can be dissolved
* New results are achieved
*Access to otherwise hidden insights / to new ideas can be opened up
*New directions can be created.

My "NeuroArt meets Mission" drawing for the After Work Discharge Recharge Shop in companies, the right wheel contains the participants, the left wheel stands for me. The tetrahedron forms the car space and gives the whole thing thrust. The spiral turning to the left gives access to intuition and feminine qualities. There are many suns rising altogether!

Important things about Neurographica:
* Scientific background
* Recognised as further study in Russia
* Drawing skills
 are not necessary
* The tools of neurographica can be used independently after a few participations

*Synapses are rewired in the brain - positive way of thinking is promoted

2. A larger artwork is created - joint development happens

Taking stock: What has changed? The individual drawings are put together and connected by the team with felt-tip pens and colours to form a large whole. Then photographed for a print on canvas. The staff keep their designed artwork.

Development happens - It serves

  •     the strengthening of a more conscious teamwork
  •     the emergence of new impulses,
  •     the visualisation of changes,
  •     the appreciation of the individual and
  •     identification with the company

because many parts are more than one whole.

Time investment and more

Up to 12 participants

1st step: After Work Discharge Recharge Shop

4 hrs. total: 2 hrs. drawing, 2 hrs. supervision of individual artworks
2nd step: 4 hours of uniting the individual drawings, neurographing and connecting the colours, supervision; i.e. the time investment is 8 hours for up to 12 participants.

Our journey can take place via zoom or live.

Other possible models from the trainer education

In the trainer education we learned 62 models of neurographica and because the method is so creative, customised new models also bubble up, for companies specifically in connection with the mission.

Discharging, harmonising and refocusing the week = After Work Discharge Recharge Shop

Intention check for goals and wishes in the team

Neuromandala: Making complicated things harmonious, bringing important things together

Recognise resources

Neurocommunication with a person/topic/thing

Weekly schedule: Stretching time and charging events with energy in advance

Project drawing with motivators, path and result

Define goals, paths and results

I look forward to meeting you via Zoom or live.
Yours, Heidi Mara Sieber

Self-responsible participation:
My courses and seminars are NOT therapeutic measures, but intensive self-experiences. With your registration you declare yourself willing and able to deal with your experiences in the seminar/recording on your own responsibility. It does not replace diagnosis or treatment by a doctor or alternative practitioner or, in the case of pre-existing mental illnesses, by a psychologist. As a participant you assure that you know where you can turn to and will do so if necessary.