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This is how it all began:

During the search for the path into the essence of my heart ♥️I listened to the whispers of King Arthur, the Priestesses of Avalon, the Chalice/Holy Grail, and my heart every day ♥️ Since Christmas 2020 the whispers have been urging me to hold the sacred space of an Alchemical Roundtable where we share our essences: that which is at our core and with which we become a lighthouse and serve the world. The myth of the Holy Grail, Avalon and King Arthur 👑 speaks to the hearts of many people ♥️However the Holy Grail is hidden in every single person, it represents their sacred essences.

In May 2021, the name of the Roundtable changed to the ALCHEMICAL ROUNDTABLE OF LIGHTHOUSES. The participants are invited to rise up and let the leader or lighthouse within themselves become visible. Leaders are those who do not pretend to know everything. Leaders remain humble and are curious. They reveal their essence and let their power unfold.

You are a leader for the New World or on the way to becoming one, otherwise you would not be reading this text. Together many leaders form a collective organism - a GLOBALHEART.

I invite you to come with us and share your essence in the ALCHEMICAL ROUNDTABLE OF LIGHTHOUSES - your favourite artwork, your music, your heart gifts or just share what appears in that moment.

NEW DATES WILL BE ANNOUNCED. If you are interested in taking part, feel free to write me.

 11 seats are available at each event to allow enough time for each participant.

It is a new kind of sacred marketing for the New World, we meet as people who interact from essence to essence.

If you feel the call in your heart to join one of the events contact me and mark the date in your calendar. I will send you the Zoom link with further information.


You can choose your contribution after the event (IBAN or remittance by Wise).

I am so much looking forward to seeing you lighthouses!



After the 1st Alchemical Roundtable:
"I was there for the 1st Roundtable....great energies flow in the room and the athmosphere is full of power, love and light!!!I recommend her wholeheartedly. In gratitude for Heidi Sieber." Kathrin Hillebrand

 After the 2nd Alchemical Roundtable:

 "Beautiful aura and space. Full of grace. Selflessness. You give all of you. It is just beautiful."

After the 3rd  Alchemical Roundtable:

"Thank you Heidi, your beautiful meditation from last night, inspired me and gave me courage"

 After the 4th Alchemical Roundtable:

"I can recommend this roundtable from the bottom of my heart and with conviction. I was there for the 4th. Incredibly strong field. Thank you Heidi Sieber from Heidi Sieber Globalheart projects for this wonderfully sacred protected heartfelt space. My code I took away for the world: Eternal Glow. You are welcome to translate it into English dear Heidi. Yours Beatrice Bialdyga"