A 10-week-journey into your essence


at/after 1. call of the 2. and 3. lighthouse group

"There is already more happiness in my life without change on the outside. And that's only five days we've been on the road. You disarmed me, you took my doubts seriously."

"What a beautiful energy in the group. I had a real tug towards my heart for a long period of time. Was positive. Like a yearning to arrive. Thank you, dear Heidi.🙏😘"

After 1st Neurographics seminar: "I think the pictures are all terrific! They are all so different and you can see the personalities in them."

"I also find this group very special. I have never experienced such a great atmosphere. We are all so different and yet we understand each other on a very deep level. I also believe that we are exactly the right people to support each other."

at/after 2nd call of 1st and 3rd lighthouse group

 "You conduct the Zoom calls wonderfully!!! Also the questions are great put together 🙏🏼🌸"

"It's a revelation, it's opened up processes, I've become aware of things and my focus, get to the bottom of myself and know what I may work on."

"I am starting to find myself again, directing my attention to myself and to others. I am grateful to be in the group, to be carried, to grow, to complement each other."

"Thank you for your group Heidi. You lead the group devotedly and not driving. This is so beautiful what you have put into the world. It's such a huge gift and I'm so happy to accept it, so much is happening. A thousand thousand thousand thanks for you and all that you do."

at/after 3rd call of the 2nd lighthouse group

"Heidi and Dominik blew the dust off!"


at/after 4. call of the 2nd lighthouse group

"We have taken many steps forward."

"It is a stepping stone, a lot has been initiated in personality development."

"We talked about how valuable the lighthouse group is."


at/after 5. call of the 1st + 3rd lighthouse group

"This is the most intensive and effective programme I have ever done. My way of looking at myself has so changed."

"Heidi, you give me wings. The doubter has shrunk so much - that's one of the most beautiful side effects of being a lighthouse."

"I can only recommend this lighthouse group to everyone!
To dedicate oneself intensively to one topic for a while - THE TOPIC "MY ESSENCE" not only opens hearts, eyes and ears but also doors that were previously closed.
Every day I come closer to my essence and live it more and more!
Heidi and Dominik prepare a loving and appreciative space, energies start to flow and the mutual support is soooo WONDERFUL! Thank you!" Melanie Kosutnik

"I am so grateful for this lighthouse group and you. It has moved me a lot. I have come to trust and can say yes to myself. You have supported me through your being. A lot of love for you. Many hunches became certainties. It is a deep process that shows me doors that I am just beginning to open. I have the feeling that an inner cosmos is showing itself in all its colourful splendour, which I have not yet allowed. It is overwhelming and beautiful at the same time. Deep gratitude and happiness fill me. Thank you to Heidi and Dominik and all the others whose energy I am allowed to feel here." Gitta Gröne

after 6. call of the 2nd and 3rd lighthouse group

"The lighthouse group has initiated movement. Heidi is directing the arrowhead into the group, she has moved us forward with force."


"Over the past three months I’ve been taking part in an online course in which the participants have been finding our essence, our true purpose in life. It’s more than just finding out about what we’re good at. It’s also about what we need to let go and about how we can use our gifts to help others.

The drawings I’ve posted are all neurographic drawings and they are some of the most powerful images I’ve created. Yes, they look pretty, but they speak about me, who I am and who I am becoming.Three colourful drawings consisting of squiggly, wavy and weaving lines of various thicknesses, as well as many circular or rounded shapes. The first drawing is mainly orange, yellow and green. The second drawing also has a lighthouse in the center, two small fires and the head of a horse and is all the colours of the rainbow. The third drawing consists of clout small circles in the center with four large circles around them. All circles are linked with figures from eights and the colours are yellow, red and purple with most of the line work in black and some lines in silver and gold." Stephanie Davies


„Dear Sisters,
dear Brother,
We were there,
at the beginning of time, filled with curiosity, trepidation, & LOVE,
& together we declared the universal Blessing: „Let US get started!“
3 months ago we connected again,
in order to BE strong TOGETHER,
to be the HAND which will support the other one in difficulty,
to BE the LOVE multiplied by 7, & expanding exponentially, clearly needed by these Times of Transmutation.“
~Raleiah - Sara Matthey

4 months after the end of the 1st lighthouse group

Dominik Lauber is a team member in the German lighthouse group with his unfolding power and was part of the 1st lighthouse group:

"In September I was allowed to dive into my true essence at Heidi's first lighthouse group. The first weeks went by without me consciously noticing what was happening. I noticed certain changes in the environment rather than in myself. In a quiet moment, anchored in this essence, the awakened essence-power then showed itself to me step by step in its unfolding. My gifts and talents became clearer and clearer to me - the group energy shone through me like a crystal ball. The neurographic sessions inspired me. Courageously and with full confidence, I released myself from the old "shackles" and connected deeply and more deeply with my unfolding power."

"I can really recommend your lighthouse group to anyone who wants to evolve .... It will open up so much!" Monika Staudacher

"I felt energetically very centred and also because I was with Heidi in the lighthouse group. It was through this that I was able to open up to these beautiful things in the first place." Kathrin Hillebrand

Self-responsible participation:
My courses and seminars are NOT therapeutic measures, but intensive self-experiences. With your registration you declare yourself willing and able to deal with your experiences in the seminar on your own responsibility.