How can you serve God, your essence & the world the most?

When we look beyond our normal job that we do, we can discover an essence within us, a God spark that wants to be awakened. Soul essences are connected to the talents that lead to the vocation. Destiny is the next step and can only show itself in the journey with God. This is how you serve the world the most.

"The art of picking people up,
to lead them back to God,
to their essence and to their vocation/destiny,
is part of my destiny" Heidi Sieber

 I support you 1:1 and in groups where we use the synergy and community in discovering your essence, towards your vocation, your destiny, your mission.

Are you ready to dedicate your life to be a lighthouse with God, with yourself and with the world, to create one love, one light, one heart, one community that serves God and the world to advance humanity?



= further developed from the lighthouse groups

into the essences, towards the vocation and destiny with God

1:1, as a group or individual components


Discover and feel your ESSENCE on the journey with God - live it!
You remain humble and curious. You reveal your essence and let its power unfold from within, from God who is in you.

  • Experience who you really are
  • Let the hidden higher purpose in your DNA open up
  • Let the power from the origin of your soul work in you
  • Strengthen your primal qualities and transform the primal wounds for this life and from the beginning of time.
  • Find out in which body centres you may receive infos from others and not yours and where you radiate the quality
  • If you feel called for a life WITH GOD, it means to dissolve your ego. This is not easy, but with God it is more and more possible. And then the gifts come. You perceive yourself anew - with fulfilment as a feeling of life on all levels.


☀️ "The universe of  the ESSENCE with God is always growing, unfolding, letting go, resetting, recalibrating, receiving, playing, it is curious..." Heidi Sieber ☀️


Elements of the journey:
The soul essences, the origin name and the origin miracle work, the human design and the gene keys provide material on insights into the talents/essences that lead to the vocation.

What is an important part of the path?
What God wants to happen through each of you and the daily prayers to get closer and closer to God in you.

Further contribution:
My vocation is dealing with visions, missions and essences and what art projects can do for that. For 28 years I have connected art with heart, development and consciousness. That all flows into my work too.

Let's go on an adventure together! I am very much looking forward to seeing you!


☀️"When we find access to our ESSENCE in God again, then something shines from within that is so powerful and lets us live with God instead of surviving. "Heidi Sieber ☀️


Individual components:

Possible components, bookable as packages or individually

Handing over the prayers and more

A 1,5 hour session.

Wonderful tool to get to know yourself. Brief analysis.

A 1,5 hour session


Opening up the hidden higher purpose in your DNA. Get a taste of the most important points. You decide how much time you want to invest.


Soul essences from the origin and for this life. Experience, harmonise and transform primal qualities and wounds. Soon there will be the translation of the exact explanation here.

5. SOUL PLAN SESSION - A 2 hour session

You learn more about your soul essences.

6./7. SOUL ESSENCES Workshop ***

For this you need Soul Plan Session 5 beforehand. With "Mara's Neuro WonderArt"

You may choose between 2 drawings or one.


Experiencing energies from the source and integrating them in a Mara's Neuro WunderArt. A 2 hour session plus 0.5 hour for my summary of the letters/energies.


Your origin name is channelled  beforehand from Sabine Sangitar  If you live outside of D/A/CH, I should order it.


Soon there will be the translation of the exact explanation here.


We bring the essences to the point again and refine the path towards vocation/destiny.

A 2 hour session.


A commissioned artwork designed by me includes the logo artwork for the original name and the energies. What still serves you from all of your lifes is also integrated. Soon there will be the translation of the exact explanation here.

 *** Please have ready for "Mara's Neuro WunderArt" - see  6, 7 and 8:
Set of coloured pencils and coloured felt-tip pens, fine, medium and thick (e.g. permanent Edding, Staedler, Stabilo), sharpener, A4 paper, larger pad, e.g. back of a A3 pad, camera on PC/laptop, mobile phone for photos or camera.


☀️ "If you want to doubt something, then please only doubt the limits of your ego " Heidi Sieber ☀️


Further information



Just contact me and we will talk about the contributions.



  • Maximum 12 participants
  • We will start with point 1 (With God)
  • Group on Telegram for sharing and session preparation.


  • You are welcome to pay one contribution at the beginning and one at the end, if you notice how much the work has changed in you and you want to give even more appreciation
  •  The contribution can also be paid in instalments (personal arrangement)
  •  We use the synergy of God, the Sacred Space Grace from the Mother God aspect, the Father God and Creator God aspects. This will be explained.
  • We walk the path to your essence and approach your vocation and destiny in the 1:1 and group programme over nine weeks.



Selfportrait by Heidi Sieber, Coloured pencils on paper, 2021

I would be happy to have a 30-minute talk with you to find out whether the 1:1 programme or the group programme or parts out of it is something you would enjoy. You can book the conversation here.


Your journey with God into your ESSENCE, towards your vocation and destiny and being a lighthouse will enrich your life and the lives of many!

I am very much looking forward to the journey with you!
Heidi Mara


Self-responsible participation:
My courses and seminars are NOT therapeutic measures, but intensive self-experiences. With your registration you declare yourself willing and able to deal with your experiences in the seminar/recording on your own responsibility. It does not replace diagnosis or treatment by a doctor or alternative practitioner or, in the case of pre-existing mental illnesses, by a psychologist. As a participant you assure that you know where you can turn to and will do so if necessary.