Do you have the courage to fly?

Self-empowerment with God.

Are you ready to fly?
To be creative with lightness and joy. With my colleagues Thijaa'Maa and Sherina at the Magdalenenklause in Nymphenburger Park Munich.

"The inner radiation with God in all the colours of the rainbow" by Heidi Mara Sieber, watercolour on paper, Christmas 2020

A life with God, no longer without.... what does that mean?


To give your life and more to God every day, to work with ego structures, to let yourself be cleansed of foreign energies and to take care of your body so that it is healthy.


Do you want that too? To live and experience a true life closely with God every day? It is not the God of the church. Being in relationship with the Father (content), the Mother (substance, being) and the Creator (impulses, enlivenment through power) every day - being in union with God reshapes your life in a new and authentic way. It makes your vocation and destiny more and more recognisable. It is best to address God as a whole and not the partial aspects.

"Break free" by Heidi Mara Sieber, felt-tip pen and coloured pencils on paper, March 2021

An African fable says: "An eagle's egg somehow landed with chickens and was raised by the chicken. The little eagle learned to peck, fly up a little way and then land back on the ground like a chicken. One day he saw an eagle flying overhead and wanted to be able to do the same......"  Told so far.....

Which do you choose? To stay with the ego - to peck and just flutter - or to evolve into your origin from God - to fly like an eagle?


"Have you chosen to fly?" You choose to fly - Have the courage, you can be the eagle and no longer the chicken - Who carries you? - When you let yourself be carried/guided by God with a healthier body and let go of your own ego ideas, foreign energies are said goodbye to, then true life happens, then you also come closer and closer to your calling/destiny.

"My Dear and Beloved God, What do I serve you with most now?" is the question I ask God several times a day. And answers come that touch me and would not have been expected........I may listen to the whisper and be courageous. It is truly often not easy, because the ego does not want to give up, but it is worth it!


Are you ready to fly?

A surrender for the journey with God and the 5 basic prayers are the 1st foundation for God-spirituality. Feel free to contact me.


Sincerely, Heidi Mara Sieber