Part 1: You will learn more about your calling, which is encoded in your DNA (Gene Keys) and begins to decode through our session. You will be supported to live the gift and mastery of your calling more and more through the activation in your DNA. We also go into a short info of your human design, which shows you where you have weak points and where your strengths lie. With reading in the Divine Field.
Appreciative compensation for part 1 (2 hrs session and 1 hr preparatory work): 249 €

Part 2: Your soul essences in this life and from the beginning of time.  Clarity about primal wounds and primal qualities. It opens great doors for the soul plan. With reading in the Divine Field.
Appreciative compensation for part 2 (1.5 h session): 119 €

Part 3 only in combination with part 1 or 2: Harmonisation and integration of weaknesses and strengthening of talents in your vocation with neurographica. With reading in the Divine Field.
Appreciative compensation with part 1 or 2 (2.5 h session): 199 €.

For all 3 parts applies:
Higher prices apply for entrepreneurs with higher income.
Payment by instalments possible.

The prices include VAT if due.


"It has opened up a space that was previously closed. This radiates outwards, giving security and lightness. Many things are now self-evident. Many doors have begun to open in this space. Since we were in the divine field, the whole body is working again. Before, there was stagnation. Movement has come in and I have lost weight."  Gitta Gröne


"Our joint discussion of my vocation gene key in connection with the lineage made me understand the whole thing much better and its meaning became clearer. It was especially nice to round off your reading in the field, also as motivation for the implementation of my lighthouse projects that I am currently working on and as a compass for the time to come." Tanja Hill