1st English LIGHTHOUSE group from 04th May together with my team member Andrea Kurth. Three people are already ready in the German group to commit to dedicatie their lives to be a lighthouse for themselves and for the world, to create one love, one light, one heart, one communion to serve the world, to advance humanity.

My project "How can I serve the Holy Grail?" with the Alchemical Roundtable and my essence artworks going into the world has started, 3 artworks already went to the UK, one to Switzerland, one to Germany. Would you also like to look at your essence artwork every day, which reminds you of your essence?
Would you like to join one of the next "Alchemical Roundtables" to talk about your beautiful work? In German and English.


I am so very happy that so many of my dreams are now unfolding❤️ I am looking forward to seeing you!