GLOBALHEART.® projects ~ Heidi Sieber 

Visionary companion and artist; firms-groups-individuals

For The Spirit Of GlobalheArt To Conquer The World


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My essence:

The majesty of the GLOBALHEART.

I stand for authenticity ~ the power of love ~ uplifting energies ~ wonder, dignity and value ~ deep happiness. All hearts together form the GLOBALHEART - I support as the majesty that this succeeds. 💓


My vision essence of myself:

I am a miracle to whom I give due dignity and thus the value that the miracle deserves. When I feel this, it is pure happiness. I am allowed to be happy and this fills me with great joy! I put this essence of vision into practice in my counterpart - humans and everything that is - in the same way.💓


My vision:

Many shining lighthouses worldwide



Which project do I give to the world from the bottom of my heart to help shape it?
Sacred vision spaces inside and outside that lead to the highest version/vision of yourself and from there shape your enterprise. 💓


My mission:

How can I serve the holy grail


Your vision essence of yourself is the feeling to your core, your essence, it is pure happiness. This is the guiding star for your life and for the vision of your calling enterprise. Everything can develop from it. To you: Do you have the heart, the courage, the trust to shine as a "beacon of light" in these times, to serve as a resting place... - to be a beacon of light yourself? Let us be beacons of light together ... and make sure that the beacons of light shoot up like mushrooms out of the earth.