Heidi Mara Sieber

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Since 1994 I have been implementing art projects connected with consciousness work, development and heart. My path began with many exhibitions and design commissions. In 2001, I added the Visions art projects/milestones commissioned for companies and individuals. Over 130 such works have been created to date. I have also implemented team-building projects with art in a number of companies.

Neurographica came to me in November 2018. I had not yet drawn a line and already knew that I wanted to do the one-year training with 64 models. Very many subsequent models of my own emerged. Since the beginning of 2020 I have accompanied 7 groups with neurographica, also in the direction of essence/vocation/determination and above all joy. This makes me very happy! And I like to let this happiness jump over to my clients.

In 2022 my path leads again

  •     into the companies and
  •     1:1 and group programmes with the theme: "Paths to vocation and destiny".

Thank you very much:

 I would like to mention with thanks all the companies where I was allowed to work full time, from 2001 part time, besides all the art projects until 2019:

Stuttgart Central Station Restaurants with Intercity Hotel, Hotel International Zurich, Ramada Parkhotel Munich, Hotel Leopold Munich, VIP Department at Munich Airport, South African Consulate General Munich, Hotel Erzgießerei Munich, Farben Uhl, Bayernfonds Munich, Stiebner/Bruckmann Verlag Munich, MINI International Munich, Babcock & Brown Munich, Münchenstift, Prüfer & Partner Munich.


Detailed curriculum vitae

Why do I report in such detail about my career? I want to share the abundance of gifts and experiences here - I have often heard the statement: "What you have experienced so far in this life would also be enough to fill many lives".