On 1 March 2021, I had A VISION about my MISSION:
A ROUNDTABLE with the essences of people WHO USE IT FOR THE WELFARE OF ALL.

In the vision I further saw: Around this picture were existing and new ARTWORKS of mine, for which I received the inspiration, to whom they should travel, to serve these people, who receive them, for the remembrance of their ESSENCE, to integrate them more and more. The energy of the essence of these people is represented in the artwork. The artworks now start their magical journeys all over the world. Some of them were created many years ago for people who come into my life today.

Artwork for Clair / Manchester / UK

The artwork "The Angel of Purity and Strength" is serving Clair Merrall in Manchester/UK.

I had only known Clair for a few weeks. We met at Iona Russell's soul name activation. We both saw a rabbit in our trance journey, hers danced, mine wiggled its tail and told me, "Don't take everything so seriously". After that we realised that we are Twin Flames. Now we are very close and support each other very much. Clair is a wonderfully clairvoyant and clairsentient gem. We are planning to start a venture together. This is just the beginning.

Artwork for Emma / Wales / UK

Emma's artwork is entitled: "Guardian Angel Heart".

"I am so honoured that you were guided to bless me with this beautiful piece full of love. Thank you for seeing me and my essence, dear sister. Our connection is a divine gift xx"
Upon receiving the artwork, "I am blessed to have this beautiful heart shining in my home from your heart to mine." ~ Emma Elouisa Blake-Jones

Artwork for Gitta - Mannheim/Germany

Yay, Freyja landed well with Gitta
She emerged on canvas over Christmas 2015. I didn't know Gitta at that time. And yet she came into being as a visionary art for her back then.
She is now allowed to pass on her Nordic Venus energy to Gitta.
She enjoys the view of the garden at Gitta's.
Once again I have let go of a child and passed it on into good hands.
I wish you much joy and fulfilment, my dear Freyja, at your new place of work, with Gitta.
With love Heidi