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Diploma No. 5 as a neurographica trainer in the German-speaking countries was handed over to me on February 09, 2020 in Bregenz/Austria

On this page I describe neurographica.
I am a certified trainer of Neurographica.
I have further developed the method for myself in

"NeuroArt meets Mission" for companies - I add my own ways as an artist & mission mentor and
"Mara's Neuro WonderArt" for groups and in a 1:1 programme - magical miracle energies play along.


Be. So free. Redraw your life!

With the magical creative transformation method

The best way to get to know neurographica is to draw! Because neurographica is one thing above all: practice. And one that is accessible to anyone who has pens and paper, as well as the will to advance a particular topic.


The inventor of Neurographica Prof. Dr. Pavel Piskarev talks about Neurographica (Jan/Feb 2019):
Neurographica article US magazine Alpeon
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This is what you may gain from neurographica:

Whoever masters and uses the language of neurographica has a powerful tool to make their life more beautiful and better. Neurographica is a personality-developing method, a dialogue with oneself, a meeting at inner eye level.

  • Innovative thinking. Playfully breaking through old thought patterns and creating new ones. Creating new connections between existing things.
  • Problem solving. By applying the algorithms, previously unsolvable tasks can suddenly be solved. New options become visible.
  • Meditation and mindfulness. A completely new possibility to arrive in the now within a very short time. A meditation with the pencil - when drawing, one quickly dives into the flow.
  • Creativity. Experiencing and activating one's own creativity without knowing how to draw or taking long courses. Integrating creativity into one's own work.
  • Inspiration and enthusiasm. Flow experiences during drawing and flashes of inspiration afterwards. Visualising complex issues synchronously in a short time and changing them in a way that makes it fun.
  • Results. The intention of the method is to create a picture in such a way that your goals become visible and everything around you moves towards the planned results.
  • Energy released. It optimises and structures thinking, releasing a lot of mental energy that was previously stuck in hamster wheels and dead ends.

Neurographica is a young creative method from Russia. You (and by that we mean everyone!) can draw anything: Lines of action, patterns of life circumstances, developmental trajectories through time, graphic solutions to complicated communication problems... In doing so, it is possible to harmoniously relate the most diverse things (sense units) on a sheet of paper. This leads to new impulses for thinking, existing structures are broken up and restrictions are dissolved. By creating our own drawing on a certain topic and modelling it using certain algorithms, we ultimately create an effective blueprint for the future with which we can continue to work.Neurographica makes use of the latest scientific findings on the organisation of thought by means of the formation of impressions. Through the practice of drawing according to the principles of composition art, new meanings, connections and structures open up with the final verbalisation.

Neurographica was developed in 2014 by Prof. Dr Pavel Piskarev, a Russian architect, psychologist and business trainer; it emerged at the interface of analytical psychology, architecture, kinesiology and neuroscience and is taught mainly in Russia. It is a creative transformation method that is used in both individual and group work. Currently it is already practised in over 40 countries in the fields of education, (art) therapy, coaching/training/consulting and art. People are daring to pick up pencils again and are beginning to shape their lives through drawing - and thus to make the world a more beautiful place. Neurographica has conquered a Moscow university as a subject of study and is already recognised there as further study.

I work mostly with groups and teams in companies. I look forward to your enquiry.

1:1 sessions I give in the form of a 7 weeks programme only once a month (translation into English will follow).

GROUPS bilingual German/English via Zoom

A new group will start with 4-5 participants. Please let me know if you are interested

Testimonial on my individual accompaniment with Neurographica:
"It was a unique experience to express this "deep" feeling in the form of neurographica. The fact that you accompany the process in your essence in a loving, clear and appreciative way is an additional wonderful experience. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

"This picture arose from a deeply buried emotion. With neurographica this can be changed.
It is unbelievable what beautiful things can be created out of a "fear". Thank you very much Heidi Sieber"


„You have shown me a new path I didn’t know it existed – it is beautiful" Joep C. de Jong, university professor

Free English workshop

FREE English workshop about the Lion's Gate on August 08, 2021 and the pyramid of Giza, one of the topics in our workshop journey GRACE & SPLENDOR:


FREE English workshop
Please print out this template for the workshop
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I am so much looking forward to meet you!

 Heidi Mara Sieber

Self-responsible participation:
My courses and seminars are NOT therapeutic measures, but intensive self-experiences. With your registration you declare yourself willing and able to deal with your experiences in the seminar/recording on your own responsibility. It does not replace diagnosis or treatment by a doctor or alternative practitioner or, in the case of pre-existing mental illnesses, by a psychologist. As a participant you assure that you know where you can turn to and will do so if necessary.