In jointly guided courses (neurographica, neuroart, art and much more), "the.MAGIK.ofART" will accompany you into your self-empowerment. A warm welcome!

Are you ready to discover and get to know the best version of yourself?

Are you ready to reflect on the ESSENTIAL, to recharge your batteries and find inspiration?

Are you ready to live YOUR magic?

 Then welcome!

In joy and lightness we create spaces of encounter and change together.

We bundle our essences and energies to ignite you into your self-empowerment and accompany you into your transformation.

"the.MAGIK.ofART" emerged from a vision that Heidi Sieber was given in the Lighthouse Group 3. In this group we were able to experience the power of the community and the magic that came out of it. Now we want to make this available to you as well.

We - that is Heidi, Melanie, Stephanie and Gitta - a community of very different personalities who draw from a variety of tools and approaches.


We look forward to meeting you!

Gitta, Stephanie, Melanie and Heidi


In English and German


In English and German

"Goddess Brigid - creativity full of light"

„Sacred circles-

 the connection to the divine“

"Discover the lighthouse deity inside yourself!"

Self-responsible participation:
My courses and seminars are NOT therapeutic measures, but intensive self-experiences. With your registration you declare yourself willing and able to deal with your experiences in the seminar/recording on your own responsibility. It does not replace diagnosis or treatment by a doctor or alternative practitioner or, in the case of pre-existing mental illnesses, by a psychologist. As a participant you assure that you know where you can turn to and will do so if necessary.