Alchemy & Synergy of essences

Alive and happy through living your essence serving the wellbeing & prosperity of all

GLOBALHEART.® projects by Heidi Sieber


The universe of the essence is always growing, unfolding, letting go, liberating, resetting, recalibrating, receiving, playing. It is curious ...... Leaders of the New World are those essences.


On March 1st, 2021 I HAD A VISION about my MISSION

A ROUNDTABLE of people WHO USE THEIR ESSENCES FOR THE WELLBEING OF ALL. I am already implementing this with my

In the vision I continued to see: Around the central image, ARTWORKS of mine are depicted. I have received visions about the recipients to whom they should travel. The artworks assist in serving the recipients as a reminder of their ESSENCE. The recipient's essence energy is represented in the artwork. The artworks have begun their magical journeys all over the world. Some of them were created many years ago for people who are only entering my life today.

Before I received the vision, I read about the legend of Perceval in Richard Rudd's book "The Gene Keys Golden Path - Prosperity". Perceval's heart heals as he asks the question, ""How can I serve the Holy Grail?" This question is mythically encoded in the fabric of every human being - it sleeps in our very DNA."

I was deeply moved by this. Richard goes on to say that the gift of the vocation gene key is the most important one of the gene keys regarding the question: How can I serve the Holy Grail? A SINGLE SESSION about it combined with reading in the divine field is part of my vocation and fits perfectly into my mission.